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Piano Group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the piano group) was founded in 1956, is a piano, digital instruments, music education, culture and media collaborative development of an integrated instrument culture enterprises. In 2012, the successful piano IPO listed as a whole, become a musical instrument culture listed companies, further to the high-tech and cultural industries. To 2016 the company has annual sales of more than 130 thousand aircraft, the cumulative sales of more than 2 million piano frame, sales of radiation to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, the domestic market share of more than 35%, the global market share of more than 25%, the main economic indicators of enterprises in more than 20 years in counterparts. Piano Group has Pearl River, Ritter Miller, Caesar fort, Beijing pearl and other independent piano brand. Its full range of products won the "MMR of the year" awarded the best vocal quality award. Among them, the piano has won "China famous brand products", "China famous trademark", and was appraised as "key cultivation export brand" by the Ministry of Commerce. It is the brand of Chinese musical instruments which is deeply loved by customers. At the end of 2007, the "Caesars" brand professional high grade piano was included in the "2008-2009 year national key new product program", and the product performance index has reached the middle and middle grade piano technical quality level in europe. In November 2015, in the light identification Association, Liu Shikun and other domestic and international piano master that Caesar Fort nine feet concert piano performance has reached international (Europe) and high-grade piano, basically reached the top of the world piano level. In May 2016, the company completed the acquisition of the acquisition of the internationally renowned high-end piano brand, German comfort mill, and will enter the international high-end piano market through the piano. A subsidiary of Guangzhou Amason Electronics Co. Ltd. professional digital musical instrument manufacturing, sales and service, has developed a Amason Pearlriver avec, KORG, Harpsichord and other well-known digital brands, product line covers intelligent digital piano, digital piano, MIDI keyboard, electronic drums, electric guitar, electric guitar, bass speakers, digital piano group class 6+1 digital music classroom, children music classroom, music teaching system, advanced electronic organ, effects, including a variety of products for high-tech products in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province famous brand products, such as the honorary title of Amason company relevant departments have been identified as high-tech enterprises; in recent years continued to maintain a growth rate of over 35% the product, production and sales exceeded 40 thousand, entered the domestic top five. In recent years, the group established the piano culture education investment company, the establishment of cultural education industry fund, will focus on the development of music education as business training, formed the development ideas of music education industry investment operation and actual operation combination, integration of resources and quality of art education, art education to build a platform with the brand influence; Pearl River Piano has joined the art education has reached 312, of which 162 piano art classroom, with 150 courses to complete, unified VI about 76, covering 28 provinces. By holding the beads wide media companies and eight bucket meters, and actively explore the television media business and promote the construction of entrepreneurial Cultural Industry Park, increase revenue and profit, realize the diversification of the group's development, promoting the group by musical instrument manufacturing industry transition to cultural industry. The piano group focus on the musical and cultural industries, foster around the core competence, R & D, engaged in piano manufacturing, sales and service, and gradually formed the international advanced level of product innovation and global scale leading production capacity, has become internationally competitive in Chinese instrument leading enterprises, with extensive international influence of the national brand. The company has passed ISO9001 and ISO10012 international standard management system certification in 1998, is a "national technology center" and "high-tech enterprise", is the national and industry standards, piano piano products and parts manufacturing skill standards and training materials of the drafting unit. Is the national cultural exports of key enterprises "," national quality management excellence enterprise "," national AAAA grade enterprises standardized good behavior ", the first batch of 16" to enter the world famous brand, with international competitiveness China enterprise "," national culture industry demonstration base ", was awarded the" National Quality Award "," Guangdong the provincial government quality award of the quality and efficiency of enterprises, is the winner of the International Association of "music milepost" award and other honors enterprises of national brands